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Conscious Discipline at Home!

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based self-regulation model developed by Dr. Becky Bailey.  Click here to see how Conscious Discipline is used at Skip-a-Long.  Conscious Discipline is based on neuroscience around three brain states - Survival, Emotional and Executive.  These brain states produce certain behaviors in children and adults.  Conscious Discipline focuses on intentional and brain-state specific responses to help children reach an executive brain state where they are calm and problem solving.

Seven Powers create a shift in the way adults see conflict so we can maintain composure and consciously respond to difficult situations.  Adults' ability to self-regulate is the precursor to teaching children social-emotional skills.

Seven Skills transform everyday discipline issues into teachable moments, equipping children with the social-emotional and communication skills needed to manage themselves, resolve conflict and develop healthy behavior.

To see how you can use Conscious Discipline at home, click here to create a free account and start your journey to building stronger connections with your children!