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Skip-a-Long Benefits Your Business

Employees with children need early care and education in order to work.  Having high-quality early care and education creates stability for families.  Support a Skip-a-Long Center to:

  • Return $8.60 of every $1 invested to the community
  • Decrease employee absences by about 30%
  • Reduce employee turnover by as much as 60%
  • Advertise to more than 1,000 Skip-a-Long families

Be a Business Buddy

Building a lasting connection and relationship with a specific Skip-a-Long Center will have impact far beyond today.  Whether it's close proximity to your location or numerous employees have enrolled children at a Skip-a-Long Center, there are opportunities to partner!  Employees can:

  • Volunteer - Snuggle babies, read to children, complete a group beautification project or mentor for academic projects such as First Lego League
  • Donate - Provide in-kind support through clothes and materials, sponsor an event or donate dollars.  All donations are tax deductible.
Be a Business Buddy

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