Creating Connections - Greetings

Creating Connections - Greetings

Highlight: Rainbow II (School-Age) - Rock Island

Rainbow submitted a video greeting for the Conscious Discipline Greeting Contest to embody the connection that classroom staff have with the children they educate and care for.  In the video, the classroom staff has a unique greeting with each child that the child chooses.  There is eye contact, physical touch, presence and playfulness in each greeting.  Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and even the anticipation of getting to do the greeting has children preparing for their turn while standing in line, illustrates the excitement and connection that has been built over time by consistently performing the greeting.

Connection: Greetings

Greetings afford children an opportunity to build a unique and individual connection with classroom staff.  Building this connection helps children feel safe in the classroom and develop a positive outlook towards learning and the activities that will occur in the classroom.  Greetings help children transition into the classroom and start on a positive and connected note.  Performing greetings also allows classroom staff to assess a child’s inner state (survival, emotional or executive) and upshift if necessary.

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